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At Bowness Health Food we would love to have the opportunity to partner with you in health and happiness. We offer a path to a healthier lifestyle with products that are organic, non-gmo, wheat and gluten free as well as vegetarian and vegan. We carry a large supply of vitamins, minerals, whole food supplements, homeopathic, essential oils, household cleaners as well as natural body care all at an affordable price.

What We Offer


Whole foods can support healthy inflammatory responses and lessen exercise-induced oxidative stress.

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These food products support weight loss, increase energy, controls appetite, and improves strength and endurance.

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Aside from being tasty, beets, pomegranates, berries, carrots, and other organic superfoods have energizing and restorative properties.

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If you want to improve your mental and physical performance, relieve joint pain, or improve visual clarity, we have the homeopathic product you need.

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Keep your body healthy by trying our available vitamins. We offer vitamin D, as well as multivitamins for men and women.

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Keep your body healthy by trying our available vitamins. We offer vitamin D, as well as multivitamins for men and women.

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These plants with savory or aromatic properties can be used in medicine, as fragrances, and for flavoring and garnishing food.

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Our store also offers other products, including ones used for cosmetic purposes as well as for aromatherapy.

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Seasonal Wellness

  • Men’s

    Achieve your fitness goals with our multivitamins formulated specifically for the needs of active men.

  • Women’s

    Enhance your well-being and wellness with our organic multivitamins for women.

  • Kids’

    Make sure that your children stay fit and strong by feeding them our nourishing food products.

  • Omegas

    Coming Soon

  • Joint

    Relieve joint pain and strengthen joints by taking our minerals.

  • Heart

    Reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases by opting for heart-healthy meals.

Product of the Month

This multivitamin for men is made from high-quality organic ingredients. Containing more than 20 vitamins and minerals, this formula contains brain-supporting and heart-healthy nutrients that can support the unique health needs of mature men.

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